How to save money on your trip to Eilat

Backpackers in Eilat

We listed useful tips for you to save money on your trip to Eilat. Read and follow them carefully:

Walk on foot or take a bus. Taxies can be expensive and Eilat is quite small. It is possible to walk anywhere as long as it is not too hot.

Buy food at large supermarkets. Prices can be very high at small shops. If you want a full meal you order one by phone – there are many stores in Eilat that sell homemade cooking at a very affordable price. Contact us by Email and we will email you a list of these stores. The price you will pay will be the delivery. If you travel by group it will be worth the delivery.

Tickets for attractions – You can buy online tickets for the Underwater Observatory Marine Park for other places join our Email list and get the best prices!