Eilat is famous worldwide as a popular tourism destination and over the years many hostels were establidhed in major locations all over the city.
During high season : April – October ( the high season is long since summer is long in Eilat ) backpackers and travelers flok to Eilat and stay mainly in hostels.


  • Its cheap – Hostels offer rooms to suit your budget. Stay in a shared dorm room or private room with/without en suite bathroom. How else could you stay in the center of London, New York City, or Eilat for less than $40 per night?!
  • Free Wi-Fi – Hostels are no longer scummy digs for the waifs and strays. Many new hostels offer better facilities than hotels. Wifi, book exchange, TV & films, bar, and internet cafes can often be found in hostels.
  • Knowledgeable staff – Hostel staff are usually young people with an interest in travel. They know the city well and are on hand to give great advice on things to do, what to eat, where to go, and the best way to get there. They understand the experiences that travelers are after.
  • Meeting Other Travelers and Backpackers -Make life long friends, share travelers travel tips & hook up with travel companions. Hostels are full of international travelers. It’s a great place to meet interesting people. If you’re only in Eilat for the weekend, stay at a hostel and connect up with students to party with.
  • Great Locations -Be in the thick of it! Most hostels are set up in city center locations that rival that of affordable hotels. Most of the hostels in Eilat are situayted a short walk from the central bus staiton of Eilat. and the cuty main attractions such as : the beach , shopping malls and more.
  • Communal Spirit – Sharing sleeping quarters & amenities builds a great communal spirit and is part of the traveler’s adventure. Many hostels offer group activities like movie nights, pub trivia or pool parties to encourage guests to mingle
  • Guest Kitchen – If you don’t have the cash to eat out every night, hostels sometimes have guest kitchens. Whip up something tasty and save a few bucks!